Mike’s vision has helped Jeffersonville recover from the recession. Did you know that the City of Jeffersonville ended last year with a surplus of $9 million? And it’s been done without raising taxes.

  • In two years, Mike has cut the Mayor’s office budget nearly 58% – from a high of $480,000 under the prior administration to a six year low of $202,000.
  • There are two employees in the Mayor’s office compared to the six employees working for the prior administration when Mike took office in January 2012.
  • Mike has instituted other cost saving measures such as spending less on travel. While the prior administration was spending for than $12,000 per year on travel, last year the Mayor’s office spent less than $5,000.
  • Nearly $1 million has been saved over the last 2 ½ years due to other cuts and cost saving measures implemented by Mike.

It’s these cost savings that are helping to make our city government leaner and more efficient. But our fiscal discipline isn’t slowing down our progress. Since taking office in January 2012, Mike’s pro-growth policies have helped attract nearly 3,000 new jobs to Jeffersonville.

The numbers speak for themselves. They prove that you can do more for less. With Mike’s continued commitment to streamlining government and cutting wasteful spending, the city’s fiscal health will remain strong.