As a father, Mike is working hard every day to make Jeffersonville a better place to live and raise a family.

Mike is a life-long resident of Jeffersonville, the youngest of Charlie and Nancy Moore’s four children. Charlie and Nancy owned and operated Jerry’s Restaurant in Jeffersonville, working tirelessly at the business to provide Mike and his siblings a good life in Jeffersonville. Mike attended Middle Road and Riverside Elementary schools, Parkview Middle School and Jeffersonville High School.

Mike was twice elected as Clark County Commissioner, serving five years. As Commissioner he earned a reputation has a fiscal conservative, taking a stand against wasteful spending.

As a former small businessman, Mike understands the importance of smaller government and less spending. Mike was also the owner and operated of the family business, Jerry’s Restaurant, until shortly after his election as Mayor in November 2011. His family had owned and operated the restaurant since 1963 which always played an important role in his life.